Precious Dolls Collection

Hmong ChildrenThese beautiful intricately-sewn 11-inch dolls tell stories of Hmong children in China. The villages where they live are surrounded by mist-covered mountains during the day and touched by frost at night. As breathtaking as these views are for outsiders, life for them is harsh and merciless. Families are highly dependent on the vagaries of subsistence agriculture and most experience extreme poverty.

Despite their poverty, Hmong women are gifted with the skill of exquisite embroidery, which they use to adorn their own clothing and that of their children, especially clothing worn for special celebrations such as the New Year or weddings and engagements. These are major events in the life of a family, and family gatherings are times of celebrating happiness, success, and family blessings.

Hmong ChildThese times of joy are reflected in these hand-crafted Precious Dolls. Hmong women pour love into the creation of these, because they represent their precious children.

Each boy or girl doll is unique, reflecting the uniqueness of every Hmong child. In Hmong culture, homes are viewed as “child-centered” places, where small children are regarded as treasures.

Hence, the Precious Dolls series. Each one named for a precious stone or jewel. When you buy a Precious Doll, you are reaching across the oceans and hugging a Hmong child.

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