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  • Silver and gold have I none
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    Grace Ambrose

Silver and gold have I none

Silver and Gold have I none, but what I do have I give to you....

Skim with us across the oceans...to remote villages in the misty mountains of Asia. There are breathtaking views, but also harsh, merciless poverty. Meet the Hmong, an ethnic minority whose women are gifted, in spite of their poverty, with the skill of exquisite embroidery, handed down from mothers to daughters. Having neither silver nor gold nor precious stones, they beautify their stark lives by making their own jewelry. Using only needle and thread, they craft beautiful jewel-like patterns and designs on simple metal or fabric, using the colors of precious stones...these are their jasper and ruby and emerald and turquoise. Their skill is fast becoming a rare art, rendering their creations collectors' items.

Made with love.

Ekantha.com is privileged to bring these to you. Our partners visit the villagers regularly, traveling for 8 hours into the mountains.


They buy their jewelry, paying a good price and enabling them to make a livelihood.

Buy a piece of fine jewelry today - for yourself, as a gift, or as an investment in something that will become rare soon. Empower these women thousands of miles away with your purchase

  • Post author
    Grace Ambrose