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  • Meet the Village Women Who Make our Products
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    Grace Ambrose

Meet the Village Women Who Make our Products

We need your help to continue giving hope to the Hmong Village women who make our products. These are women who can't work outside the home, and who need to supplement their family's low income, or must be the sole provider.

Read their stories, then consider giving them hope by purchasing a Gift Package and providing work for them.  

Hope brings people together for a better tomorrow. The work provides a sense of community among the women and financial resources to build healthy families.

"Hello, my name is Shoua Yang. I am part of the Miao people group but my husband is of the Dai group. We have two daughters and I am a farmer. I am glad for the Ekantha cross-stitch (CS) work as it has provided me with extra income. Soon I will be a grandma and I want to be a good example for my grandchildren. I want to demonstrate to them that as long as you are willing to work hard, life will be okay. Thank you for supporting us."

"My name is Wang Ying Xiong and I am a grandmother. My son, daughter-in-law, and my husband travel to another province to work. While they were away, I would watch my grandchildren at home. At times, my grandchildren needed money for their school lunch but I was not able to give them any because my son and daughter-in-law had not yet sent any money. I also needed money to buy necessary things to use and food to eat. Therefore, I am grateful for the Ekantha cross-stitch work because I can earn money to help my family now. Thank you for your kind support of my work!"

"My name is Ge Lor and I am 28 years old. I have 3 small children and the youngest was just born a month ago. So, my main responsibility is to care for my children while my husband works outside of the home. Since my husband’s work is not stable, some days he may not have any work at all, I am grateful to have the Ekantha CS work to supplement our living expenses. For us it is just surviving day to day. Thank you for liking our work and giving us opportunities to work."

"I am known as Grandma Yao. My husband died when all my children were very young. At that time, we were very poor and had no one to help us, so I buried my husband in our old house and we left. Eventually I remarried so that I can have some help, but my second husband also passed away. After my children became adults and had their own families, I married a third time due to loneliness. My children were very upset with me and disowned me. I lived with my third husband and his son’s family. Some time later my third husband also passed away. Not knowing where to go next, I remained with the son’s family and took care of his children hoping he would let me stay. Since I am not his mother I can’t ask him for anything. Therefore, I am grateful for the CS work for it has given me some self-value and money to use in my old age. Thank you for your support."

  • Post author
    Grace Ambrose