Ekantha bags come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. What they all have in common: Beautiful and unique, sturdy, made with quality fabric, designed with your convenience in mind, with multiple zip and flap pockets, and all hand-adorned painstakingly by our teams of Hmong village ladies. Each is made in limited quantities. 

Carry the creation with pride. Remember: every bag you buy makes possible a livelihood for these ladies!

Beautiful hand-cut and exquisitely-embroidered cards, blank inside, with envelopes,


Elegantly cross-stitched Bible covers

Our beautiful hand-crafted cards and high-quality hand cross-stitched black Bible covers.
Unique ethnic-designed products that match your individuality - from scarves and totes, to hand-crafted jewelry, unisex bags, and unique gift items such as elegant tissue-box covers and distinctive hand-embroidered luggage straps.
Our small purses and pouches are highly versatile; not only are they functional, with multiple handy pockets and straps to keep you organized - perfect to throw your keys, credit cards, a little make-up, and some cash in - but also beautiful and unique, with fine-embroidery patches

Enhance your home or workplace with our elegant home decor products. Choose from our collection of stunning wall hangings, pillow covers, and table runners. They all come in beautiful jewel-like colors, and the elaborate micro-embroidery is all hand-created. The table runner and pillow covers are one-of-a-kind as they blend the American art of quilting with the traditional Hmong hand cross-stitch. The wall-hangings are works of art traditionally found on Hmong head-wear.

Give yourself or others a prize for culinary skills, with our "Award" aprons, with themes and designs like "Best Cook" and "Best Help" (kids' aprons).

The luxurious hand-embroidered Adagio large pillow sham and matching Cadenza large quilted bed runner can be bought as a pair, or singly. They go beautifully together to add a look of distinction to your bedroom.
Our luxury collection of home decor made of the highest-quality fabrics, in beautiful jewel tones, many of them in matching sets, for your elegant, exquisite, home. Tribal workers have spent hundreds of hours on the fine cross-stitch that adorns them. They are paid for the quality and craftsmanship of their handiwork and the number of hours they pour into the work.
Check out our latest bags - all high on style and convenience. Every bag directly helps the Hmong village ladies who hand-craft the embroidery and design patches on these bags. They are generously, not just fairly paid for quality work.

These beautiful intricately-sewn 11-inch dolls tell stories of Hmong children in China. The villages where they live are surrounded by mist-covered mountains during the day and touched by frost at night. As breathtaking as these views are for outsiders, life for them is harsh and merciless. Families are highly dependent on the vagaries of subsistence agriculture and most experience extreme poverty....read more

Our wearables are both stylish and practical. They are all made in limited quantities to high quality specifications and have that custom-made touch, with fine hand-embroidery adorning them.
Some of Ekantha's Signature products

Ekantha Gift Packages: A gift from your heart that is sure to delight your recipient. These are hand-curated by our experts.

Give a gift to someone you know, and give hope to village women at the same time. These are women who cannot work outside the home because they have to care for children, the elderly, or the sick; or are handicapped themselves in some way. Women who want to earn an honest income to help their families. And women who desperately need a sense of value.

All this begins when you pick a gift package of a value you choose. We will pick out a selection of our high-quality products, and mail it with the greatest care. In the notes section of your order, please let us know:

  1. To whom to ship the gift to, making sure to provide a complete and accurate address
  2. From whom the gift is
  3. A target date on which you'd like it to arrive and/ or occasion (Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Wedding, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thank you, etc.)
  4. Preferences, if any (e.g., dolls, bags, jewelry, color (if available), etc.)

Check out, pay, and you're all done! (Prices include all taxes and shipping charges, so there are no surprises for you at check-out). You will receive an email acknowledgment, and another when the gift is shipped out. Your recipient will receive a complimentary gift insert with your name on it. (No special gift-wrap is used.)

Hope is such a powerful thing to have in life. Would you join us in giving hope to others? Buy a gift!