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Silver and gold have I none

Silver and Gold have I none, but what I do have I give to you.... Skim with us across the oceans...to remote villages in the misty mountains of Asia. There are breathtaking views, but also harsh, merciless poverty. Meet the Hmong, an ethnic minority whose women are gifted, in spite...

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Buy a Doll, Love a Hmong Child

These beautiful intricately-sewn 11-inch dolls tell stories of Hmong children in Asia. The villages where they live are surrounded by mist-covered mountains during the day and touched by frost at night. As breathtaking as these views are for outsiders, life for them is harsh and merciless. Families are highly dependent...

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Ekantha Bags Collection

A bag is just a bag…or is it? We don’t really think too much about our bags except at the time of buying them. Most of us put a lot of time, thought, and effort into our bag purchases, because a bag says a lot about us. It’s a very...

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